Natural Tummy tuck with the wrapped method

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The Wrapped Method Is Highly Successful
Thanks To 3 Things

Unique breathing exercise

A special breathing technique that lasts for 5 minutes, practiced 3 times a day while sitting on a chair.
Without changing clothes, without leaving the house and without sweating.

Support Belts

The belt supports the center of the body, helping us to be aware of movement and stability.
The belt is not visible under clothing.

Preventative Movement

Learn how to get in and out of bed, how to turn over correctly, how to lift heavy objects and more.
Move in space in a way that pleases the body and protects the stomach

What people say

With The Wrapped Method, You Will Be Able To Tone, Relax And Strengthen Your Stomach Naturally Within 8 Weeks!

The program is tailored to you personally and allows you to give the best to your tummy at any time and anywhere in the world!

What Will Be The Expected Result?

With a strong, toned, and proportional stomach that is healthy.

Learn a method that allows you to feel confident and proud of your body with a minimal investment of a few minutes a day.

You will feel that you do not need to hide anymore, you can finally dress the way you really want. All of this, in addition to the significant benefits of improving posture and strengthening your back!

What does it require from you ?

Just do the plan before the instructions and surrender to the magic!

The program is structured in a way that is easy to implement and lasts 8 weeks, during which we will practice the method gently and comfortably.

It is important to understand that this is not really magic but the result of gentle practice.
The method will serve you for a long time anywhere in the world.

When we see results, it's It's easy !

testimonials and recommendations

What are the benefits

Support Belt >

During the program you will receive 8 new belts that are suitable to your size according to the measurements you've sent us. The belts come with a messenger to your home.

Instructional videos >

Short and clear instructional videos that explain the unique technique in a simple and easy way.

מפגשי תמיכה כל שבוע >

מפגשי תמיכה בזום.
כל שבוע בימי שלישי.
גם בבוקר וגם בערב,
בליווי אישי עם מיכל העוטפת.

הודעות טקסט >

שירות הודעות טקסט שילוו אותך בכל יום. ההודעות כוללות תזכורות, משפטי מוטיבציה, העצמה ולינקים חשובים.

Support & Assistance >

Support throughout the entire process. Our supportive team is available for any questions.

Q&A >

You can contact us by Email with any subject.

Tracking chart >

Printable practice and tracking pages for personal use during the abdominal recovery process.

The Wrapped App >

A unique app that allows you to track the progress and compare before and after photos. Along the process, you'll be able to see the changes from all sides of your body. The app is private and confidential, so only you can see your photos.

Tighten, Flatten And Strengthen in 8 weeks

testimonials and recommendations

Who is the program recommended for ?

"For those who feel that their stomach is no longer as it used to be, and they feel like they don't recognize this stomach."

For men who exercise and maintain a healthy diet but still have a protruding stomach"

"For men before surgery - who suffer from bulge/hernia and want to address it naturally and safely without surgical intervention

"For men who feel insecure with their bodies"

For those who struggle to be in intimate relationships and feel uncomfortable"

For those who feel embarrassed going to the beach.

בסוף תוכנית העוטפת

Enjoy a more proportional-looking stomach, flatter, stronger, and more aesthetic

Enjoy a stronger back and better posture

Feel like you have nothing to hide

Enjoy the benefits of a stronger body core

You would finally be able to ware what you like and enjoy shopping

Feel more comfortable to be in an intimate situations

Maintain a strong body for years to come

Learn how to maintain these results just in a few minutes a day

After countless people who have already flattened their stomachs, I am so confident in the wrapping method that I am sure it can help you too!

Summer Special

4,500 $

900 $ Discount

Coupon Code: summer2024

No double discounts

Additional discount of 3% on one payment 4,365$

Total cost of the program

5,400 $

450$ for 12 payments

Frequently Asked Questions

We totally understand the doubts. It’s not easy to believe everything you see on the internet, especially when there are big promises of magic solutions. I want to reassure you that this is not a magic solution, but a method that has been proven to work. You will be given all the tools, knowledge, and support you need, and it is up to you to consistently practice the exercises at home. The photos and recommendations you see are real and come from people who have followed the process and practiced regularly. If thousands of others have succeeded, there is no reason why you can’t too.

בבטן יש פתולוגיות שונות כמו: בקע/הרניה, היפרדות ביטנית או היפרדות שרירי הבטן, כאבי גב, א-סימטריה, מערכת שרירים חלשה ורפויה ויציבה לקויה – כל אלה משפיעים על מראה ומצב הבטן.
אם אתה מוצא את עצמך פה – נוכל לעזור גם לך להחזיר את הבטן, כך שתהיה פרופורציונלית לגוף

לפעמים קשה לקלוט את עוצמת ההשפעה של השיטה. תכנית העוטפת מתקיימת בישראל כבר לא מעט שנים.
כמו שאתה יכול לראות, אלפי אנשים כבר התנסו ומדווחים על תוצאות מדהימות.
בהתבוננות במבנה הבטן ניתן להבחין במספר פתולוגיות שונות גם ללא מגע. בנוסף לתוכן הדיגיטלי, יש תיעוד התקדמות מדויק בעזרת אפליקציית התמונות הייעודית והדיסקרטית שלנו, שבה מקבלים פידבק על השינויים וההתקדמות בתהליך. במפגש התמיכה השבועי בלייב אני זמינה לכל שאלה או הבהרה, כך שאתה עטוף מכל הכיוונים – צוות העוטפת איתך!

The following examples are of people who are suitable for the program:

• Anyone who feels that their belly is not proportional to the rest of their body.

•Anyone diagnosed by a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or suffering from Umbilical Hernia.

•Anyone who feels that their internal organs have not returned to their proper place after childbirth.

•Anyone experiencing back pain, poor posture and slouching.

•Anyone who wants to address the stability and sagging of their belly

•Anyone who feels that their belly needs more attention, support, and strength.

•Anyone diagnosed with lordosis/kyphosis.

•Anyone diagnosed with a mild or severe abdominal muscles separation.

•Anyone who has had abdominal surgery and wants to correct any issues that have arisen.

•Anyone who has experienced accidents and has scars on their belly or back.

•Women who have never given birth but have an unusually protruding belly.

•Anyone who wants to achieve a healthy and strong mid section body.

•Anyone who has lost connection with their body.

•Anyone with a negative body image.

•Anyone who has difficulty with intimate relationships

•Anyone who wants to have a tighter and harmonious appearance.

•Anyone who wants to improve their self-confidence and feel better about themselves.

This is not a diet or weight loss program. Rather, it is a traditional method for strengthening the abdominal muscles and repositioning the inner organs back to their original place. We do not focus on nutrition. This program is not a topical treatment; it is not a cream or a method that works on the skin. Instead, it involves small and gentle breathing exercises that promote deep and internal strengthening. However, it is important to note that results will not come without effort. If you are looking for a magic pill, you will not find it here. We believe in the natural ability of the body to strengthen itself, and through minimal effort, we can achieve excellent results.”


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