Oil for skin restoration

High-quality massage oil for restoration and skin care suitable for use on the face and body.
Contains a mixture of 3 different oils, which in combination nourish, enrich, improve and restore the skin.

Almond oil

Sweet almond oil is the most popular oil among massage therapists. The oil is excellent for body massages and facial massages, also for pregnant women and small babies.
Almond oil delays the aging process and treats wrinkles. Vitamins K and E in the oil help the skin regenerate and maintain skin elasticity while encouraging healthy and improved blood circulation.
In addition, almond oil blocks ultraviolet rays in a natural way, which is why it is especially suitable for sun exposure. Moreover, it improves blood circulation and strengthens bones because it is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Neroli oil

This oil is extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, and is one of the most valuable oils in aromatherapy. (1 liter of oil is produced from about 2 tons of flowers) Already in ancient times, neroli oil was considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.
In its main uses, it is used for stomach aches, gas and diarrhea. Tension headaches, insomnia, and sexual coldness. In the mental aspect, the oil is very effective as an anti-depressant, anxiety, hysteria, tension, and stress.
Cosmetically, it stands out in anti-aging treatments, stimulates the regeneration of cells and tissues and softens wound scabs. It is excellent for dry, mature and sensitive skin, wrinkles, scars, dry, cracked or allergic skin and is considered one of the best oils for skin care.

Rose hip oil

The rose hip grows in South America and Europe. The rose hip oil produced in the process of cold pressing is one of the most important and excellent in the cosmetics industry.
It contains plenty of essential fatty acids, vitamin C and derivatives of vitamin A. Thanks to this acidic richness, it is included in preparations intended for smoothing wrinkles, treating scars, cuts and sensitive and irritated skin.
It is suitable for use as is or in any face cream or serum, and its use is extremely effective for the purpose of massage to renew the appearance of the skin. It is also recommended for the treatment of stretch marks of pregnancy.

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