What is the Wrapped Method?

I’m Michal Kanner, the visionary behind the Wrapped Method.  With two decades spent in the vibrant cultures of Asia—Singapore and the largest archipelago of Indonesia, I gleaned insights into traditional healing practices. Under masters of Zen, meditation, Feng Shui, and physical fitness, my journey took an unexpected turn after the birth of my first daughter. I stumbled upon a traditional stomach wrapping method prevalent in Indonesia-Malaysia, and witnessed its remarkable ability to naturally flatten my post pregnancy tummy with swift efficacy.
Driven by the astonishing results, I dug deeper into this technique… 
Creating The Wrapped Program, I transformed this ancient technique  into a modern, simple step-by-step way to a tighter, firmer stomach and better back health!. By targeting the body’s deepest muscle networks with finesse, it gives you visual results, but also an enhanced sense of confidence, vitality and stability.This program has transformed the lives of countless individuals – by achieving a tighter and toned abdomen, all without the need for diets, exercise or surgery.

Discover a paradigm shift in tummy tucks!

Get The WRAPPED Program Now: Your complete package for a natural tummy tuck in just 8 weeks on average!
You get:

  • 8 4 Special  midsection support  Belly Shaping Wraps (sent to you every 4 2 weeks)
  • 8 Special Midsection Support and Shaping Wraps (sent to you every 4 weeks)
  • Powerful 5-minutes a day breathing techniques videos
  • Guided videos to correct your posture  
  • The WRAPPED app to track your progress pics
  • Detailed tracking chart and professional  feedback
  • Daily support and guidance


Just $950

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Total cost of the program

1250 $

Tighten, Flatten And Strengthen
Your Tummy In A 8 Weeks