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What is The Wrapped Method ?

The ‘Wrapped Method” offers a solution to various issues in our tummy, our back and posture.

The Wrapped Method has helped thousands of man and women effectively treat their abdominal issues in a very short time.

With zero pain, no workout in the gym and without a surgery.

The Wrapped Method is based on an old indonisian tredition. The rehabilitation method has past from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

The tradition teaches how to achieve a functional and balanced body for the daily needs of Indonesians, who often carry heavy weights on their heads.

The traditional method has been adapted to the modern world, and is now available in an individual online program.

Natural Tummy Tuck With The Wrapped Method ?

A personalized process tailored to your schedule that allows you to rehabilitate your tummy anytime, anywhere. To tone and strengthen your stomach naturally within eight weeks!”

About Michal Kanner
Founder of the Wrapped Method

I’m Michal Kanner, founder of the “Wrapped Method”. I have lived in Asia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong for 20 years, and I learned about the rich culture and traditional healing practices.

I was lucky enough to learn from the best masters who specialized in brilliant methods such as Zen, meditation, Feng Shui and physical fitness training.
After the birth of my first daughter, I accidentally discovered the traditional wrapping method, which is practiced in Indonesia-Malaysia, which aims to flatten the tummy in a natural, non-surgical way, and with fast results.
I was surprised by the exciting and immediate results I got and decided to dive in deeper into this magical method.
The process of healing and firming the tummy with the Wrapped Method is traditional and unique.

The Wrapped Method holds ancient knowledge that most of the tummy tuck industry are not aware of!
For the last 20 years I have been helping thousands of men and women rehabilitate and flatten their tummy, with shocking results. They couldn’t be happier.

A Traditional And Unique Tummy Tuck Method

The Wrapped Method is based on a traditional Indonesian method. This is a natural and gentle method that is stress-free and does not require harsh diets or surgical procedures. It may be difficult to believe that such a simple and gentle method can achieve such amazing results, but in Asia, this tradition has been passed down from mother to daughter for hundreds of years.

The wrapping process was developed using cotton cloth, primarily to strengthen the core of the body, tighten the stomach, and maintain good posture.

The method is based on traditional principles with the innovation of ancient wisdom, adapted to the modern world. That’s why it simply works!

Unlike the Western world, the program offers a method that is almost opposite to what most women are familiar with. We are so used to effort, unnecessary stomach exercises, harsh diets of all kinds, and surgical intervention, while we don’t need any of them in most cases.

The Wrapped Method works on the deepest muscle system with a gentle and minimal effort, so you can continue to enjoy quality of life, and still see significant improvement in the appearance of the stomach and the feeling of strength and stability in the body.

The Wrapped Program For Men & Women

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